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 Tech Mage guide

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PostSubject: Tech Mage guide   Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:59 pm


Lv 10

Skills needed: Over Load, Plasma Bolt, and Super Charge.

Mana Needed: 64

First use Overload (hope you stunn)
Then use Plasma Blot(upgrade the skill suggested)
Next just hit then with your staff or shoot them
Finally use super charge fo finish the person (May want to upgrade to be more secure of win)

Lv 16

Skills Needed:Defence Matrix and your best skill (I suggest it be plasma rain)

Stuff Needed: assult magnum

Mana Needed: about 44

First use Defence Matrix

Then use your best move

Then use Assultmagnum

Then just fight acording to how the oth person
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Tech Mage guide
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