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 The Heal Ability Update 2.01 Xv2

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Techno Spdierz
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PostSubject: The Heal Ability Update 2.01 Xv2   Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:18 am

This is a request from my main account J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (which I forgot the ED forum pass for D:) and my request is about the heal ability that you have updated, instead of healing 45+ I am now healing 29... This in my view was disappointing when I entered a Two Vs Two (Team Match) as of I didn't check the update before entering the game. As on my first few games I won very easily, but throughout the time when I entered One Vs One (Solo Battle) I came across a number of Blood Mages' and Bounty Hunters' with strength builds of over 100 Str and Bloodlust this was a dissapointing effect for my Level 33 Tactical mercenary due to all I have is Technology and support stats.

Basically what I am trying to say is the update really depends on all of the Strength builds that exist and is a great way to make us users who spend well earned money on Varium to just change classes so that the update suits us, so on average I am saying 5% of current ED members would have changed class so that the update would suit them and there builds and stats, the other 95% would still be there own classes for when the ArtixEntertainment Epicduel servers decides to update the server again so that 5% of members will change in to 8% of members. At this rate in about 2-4 years time most people of the ED community would have bought varium and used it on changing class just to suit the updates. In my view this isn't the best idea towards the ED players, since the Beta the str and support builds were over the top, but since you made Tactical Mercs, Blood Mages and Cyber Hunters these build have challenged throughout the whole entire game, I have had people in game and outside of The game such as websites like: Xbox - ED players complained and the ED players that play: Casual Collective otherwise known as KIXEYE with a game coming underway created on a downloadable game type which is currently could The world is to an end - Alpha name (Alpha/Moderator access only).

I would post extra comments about the updates if I must and have complaints from further Epicduel players. I will also comment and update new strategies and builds! BattleOn

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. - Techno Spiderz -
Going Solo - Epicduel
Techno Clan - XboxLive (Halo Reach)

Please post comments below so that I can update myself in a daily routine. Thank you and carry on gaming!
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The Heal Ability Update 2.01 Xv2
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