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 Lost Epic Duel facebook account

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PostSubject: Lost Epic Duel facebook account   Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:51 am

This character was made on FaceBook when EpicDuel existed there, since it was removed there was only the official website way in but that never worked for me because it required an e-mail address to reactivate which the FaceBook version didn't.

I'm surprised this problem isn't a lot more common because there must of been many accounts initially made on FaceBook.

Here is my character and if there is a way to link it to the same e-mail used to create my FaceBook account that would be great otherwise i need a solution because this character i made had Valium (real money spent on it) and i'm not prepared to start again after so much work.

Please give me this character back, it belongs to me:
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Lost Epic Duel facebook account
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